Honda Dealership experience since 1986 taught me good habits before I had the chance to develop bad ones.  I have 30 years of experience with the Honda & Acura product, and more than 20 years with Asian Import engineering.  My skill, training and finesse are your benefit as are my morals and values. The shop is small, cozy and well equipped to do most any repair. Our knowledge of warranty items and recalls is outstanding.  Engineering is very similar across all the Asian import vehicles, and we welcome them all. We also do some repair and maintenance on domestic vehicles. Contact the shop to inquire.

Time is money.                 Experienced staff is expensive.                Caring about what you do is priceless.

Service & VALUE

M  I  L  L      C  R  E  E  K       M  O  T  O  R       W  O  R  K  S  ,      I  N  C  . 
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Don't let anyone undermine your confidence in your vehicle ever again.

You may think you don't know anything about cars.  


You drive it every day.    You know what is normal, and what is not.

We believe that knowledge is power.  

We want you to know and learn as much as you want

about your vehicle's maintenance and repair needs

to maximize the investment you made in your vehicle.

Stop in and pay us a visit!


30 years of experience in 1 technician.  Beginning my automotive career at a Dealership was excellent training and experience.  Good habits are taught and learned early.  I continue these habits today.  They are what I know and how I operate. As a business owner, I appreciate and respect you and your vehicle.  As a trained technician, it is my habit to use fender covers and floor mats at all times to protect your vehicle during service.  I wash my hands many times throughout the day, wipe off my tools and sweep my floor (with a good scrubbing regularly).

You will NEVER see greasy, dirty hand prints or smears on the outside of your car or steering wheel while it is at my shop.  I hand torque wheel lugs, drain bolts, oil filters, and all hardware to manufacturer specifications.  I do not rush through any job.  Many times I see things during the course of your repair that I fix just because they were done hastily or incorrectly before your car came to me. I want to keep your car running in optimum condition, and      

I   want   you   to   want   to   come   back.


We fix it right the first time

with the best possible parts

at the best possible cost

in a timely manner.  

Established 1998 

V e h i c l e    r e p a i r s    a r e    n o    l o n g e r   i n t i m i d a t i n g 

 We understand --  and we deliver
We treat you like we want to be treated, and we operate with that premise.  

Every oil change should NOT cost a fortune in recommended repairs

(fluid flushes, hose replacements, air/cabin filters, etc)

Your confidence in your vehicle should NOT be undermined for profit.

Safety issues have a higher priority - repairs can be scheduled at your convenience.  

You should not dread taking your vehicle for service. Your vehicle is your  family's lifeline. 

12 months/12,000 miles warranty on all repairs

We do not have a management team demanding profits

 My name is Mark Purtell, and my wife is Dawn.  We are the Owners and the only employees.​ Your dollar will go further here than anywhere else.  All jobs are only as good as the parts used. We use dealer parts when requested, and high quality aftermarket parts for economy. We provide value, with a warranty, by a seasoned, trained professional - me.  

Cheap is cheap.  We don't do cheap. 


I am thorough with exceptional attention to detail. I communicate your vehicle's current state, repairs performed, along with detailed recommendations and documented estimates - easy to understand and logical.  No expenses are incurred without your authorization.

I am the only Technician, am an ASE Certified Master Automobile Technician, your Service Writer, and your Customer Service Rep.  
We believe maintenance is second to safety.



HONDA & ACURA SPECIALIST                                               ALL ASIAN IMPORTS WELCOMe

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